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Intelligent Life


"Overall, we’re pretty fantastic"—Lauren Sandler on only children.

The Big Question: How many children should we have?

An artist’s impression of 51 Pegasi b, the first exoplanet ever detected, and its sun

The Search for Earth 2.0

"Nature", said Philip Treacy in a recent interview, "is the only perfection in the world."

The Line of Beauty

The modern cowboy has a lot on his plate, including climate change.

The 21st Century Cowboy

Gillian Anderson’s range has skyrocketed since she toed the line as Dana Scully in “The X-Files”. Now, she takes to the London stage as crumpled Southern belle Blanche Dubois.

Good girl gone great

Poland’s first Michelin-starred restaurant offers a nice glass of Merlot with your hay.

The Wine-List Inspector

"Every bed, every chair, is different. It looks like they’ve got 150 years of furniture all scattered around." Tim Smit of the Eden Project rummages around an eccentric hotel in Alsace.

Seven Wonders

What remains of a German trench from WW1 in the Argonne forest. “I was very unsettled in the Argonne forest,” says Brian Harris, the photographer. “It was almost as if it was still happening. I wanted to get out.”

War and Peace: a photo essay

NASA’s Kepler telescope simultaneously measured the variations in brightness of more than 165,000 stars every 30 minutes for three and a half years.

The search for Earth 2.0

Es Devlin’s set for “Les Troyens” at Covent Garden in 2012.

Es Devlin’s Magic Circles

"Boyhood" is a chronicle of American life, set over a period of 12 years. The twist is that it was shot over a period of 12 years, too.

The Boy who Grew Up in Public

Leaves have been helping women out of a sartorial crisis ever since Eve felt the need to slip into something a little less comfortable.

The Line of Beauty

It used to denote a skilled worker. Now it is applied to bread, and even lettuce. Anthony Gardner traces the rise of a vogue word, “artisan”.

Artisan this, artisan that

Tom Shone on star scores.

At the Cinema

Julian Wild, a sculptor who “doodles in 3D”, gets a two-piece worth modelling.

Man in a Suit